Trista Price

Hi! I'm Trista Price. I'm an intuitive guide, soul coach, breathwork facilitator and Reiki master. My passion is to help you awaken to your heart and soul. If you're ready to find a greater peace, clarity, and move through things that have been holding you back from living with your full heart, I'd love to help. As an intuitive, I will assist you in connecting with your own divine spirit, guides, angels and passed on loved ones. We can talk about career, relationships, emotions, challenges, how to be present in your life and more. My intention is to help elevate your mindset and connect you to your inner wisdom. The healing practices that I work with are all based in unconditional love, compassion and truth. During our sessions you'll receive messages and insights that should confirm what you already know and open you up to greater wisdom. We may incorporate Reiki energy, which can help to clear your energy of stress and pain and enhance overall wellness. We may use oracle cards, dive into past lives or find ways to integrate spirituality into your daily life in simple and practical ways. I trust that guidance will assist us in knowing exactly what you need. I'm committed to what I do and I love this work. I'm honored to share in your journey! Each session will support you in becoming more empowered to live in alignment with your spiritual, emotional, and physical being. My intention is to meet you where you are and help you reignite your passion, purpose and joy! To learn more about Trista visit