Amanda "Mandy" Helt

Mandy graduated in 2015 from Alternatives for Health Massage School. She specializes in therapeutic, relaxation, and pregnancy massage. With other focuses including Lymphatic Drainage therapy, Craniosacral Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Integrated Energy (IET).

This is not just a job for Mandy.  She is passionate about her work and loves working with her clients. She has benefited personally from all the therapies that she offers and knows first hand how they can benefit you and your health.

She is dedicated to her wonderful family and is always laughing with her two kiddos.  Living on a farm and taking care of all the animals is where her happy place is. She finds being in nature helps her stay grounded and balanced. Her self care practice includes massage, craniosacral, acupuncture, and essential oils.

Mandy is dedicated to her work and helping with your overall quality of life is her main priority.